SenseView/Mobilis is one of the 12 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards 2014 finalists! CES, Las Vegas


Finalists of the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards program were announced on 6 January at the Bluetooth media event during CES in Las Vegas. The program recognizes the best Bluetooth enabled products and applications on the market today, as well as innovative prototypes of products coming soon.
There were hundreds of entries in this year's awards and Mobilis is one of the 3 finalist in Application category.

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SenseView made with our Mobilis Framework, won "App of the Month" and is featured on
"Mobilis SenseView framework helps clients connect mobile sensors for a variety of uses, and in a fraction of the time."

Mobilis framework

Mobilis framework is a development bio-sensoric tool (framework), which helps our clients (developers, partners, research institutes) create a flexible solution for a variety of uses, such as eHealth, telehealth, telecare, wellness, first responders use, and many more.

The solution is fully modular and scalable, as such it can be adapted to fit all your needs. Based on the use case the Mobilis framework allows you to:

  • Smartphone / Tablet / PC
    • Pick a sensor(s)- up to 63 simultaneously (bio or ambiental), connected wirelessly (Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, Ant+..) or wired
    • real-time or on-demand Connect it to your smartphone, tablet or PC
    • Analyze the collected sensor data and perform artifact & noise removal
    • Encrypt and save all this data locally

The framework is completely functional as a stand-alone framework solution connected to the clients servers. The data can be synchronized via secure connections (via WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE) and seen by the users on the server side which can access all this data via their smartphone, tablet or PCs.

The Mobilis framework opens many additional methods of bio-monitoring:

  • Shows data in numerical form or in diagrams with adjustable thresholds or color-coding
  • Data can be presented in a multitude of ways, such as presenting the minimum, maximum, average and so on for any given parameter
  • Adjust the display method and the number of graphs visible and information presented
  • Shows live data (real time monitoring of up to 63 different biosensors, tracking different conditions) and data history
  • Processing of the data on server allows to integrate with OpenEHR, HL7 standards

SenseView as a Mobilis framework capabilities showcase

The solution is chained into smaller sections:

The smartphone part of our solution which lets the user check their vital sings (in real time) on their smartphone, while wearing and being connected to various bio-sensors

The tablet part of our solution, allows the user to connect to sensor server and read all collected data

Sensor Workstation is built for those who require access to a larger number of sensors without the need for mobility in mind

The sensor server part keeps it all together, synchronizing and processing the data while also allowing outside users (with the client's permission) to log on and access any given data. Also able to connect to the solution are other health servers and solutions, functioning on the HL7 or OpenEHR standard. Of couse the client's own protocol can easily be adapted and integrated.

In addition to this functionality, the Mobilis framework allows for complete and simple adaptation to the clients wishes. Our solution is a completely functional building base for any and all of your bio-monitoring needs, it allows almost infinite choices and combinations of various sensoric equipment and is fully modular – the one and only framework for bio-monitoring, tracking and observing purposes you will ever need.

Products made with Mobilis framework:

Mobilis framework SenseView - know yourself and your environment for the first time!
Mobilis framework

Seniors Phone - a simple and easy smartphone interface for seniors with big buttons for easy calling, texting, SOS and location functions.

Mobilis framework CHIRON SensEMP - integrated healthcare approach for home, mobile and clinical environments
Mobilis framework InvisibleCare - take shared care of your elderly loved ones
Mobilis framework InvisibleGuard - a means to preventing disasters

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